Cagliari Open Monuments 2016 for adults and children

Monumenti Aperti 2016 Cagliari Open Monuments Cagliari

Monumenti Aperti 2016: Cagliari Open Monuments for adults and children

The Open Monuments Weekend happens every year in Cagliari on Spring, giving people the opportunity to visit public monuments and discover private sites for free.

The Open Monuments Weekend exists since 1997, and this year takes place across the 2nd weekend of May, from Saturday the 14th to Sunday the 15th, just ten days after the end of the great Festival of Saint Efis.

It’s organized by the cultural association Imago Mundi and supported by the municipality of Cagliari, and other sponsors.

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Monumenti Aperti 2016: Cagliari Open Monuments, two events for kids

This year Cagliari Monumenti Aperti has organized two special events for children and families: the Caccia al tesoro di Zio Capitano (Uncle Captain’s Treasure Hunt) Saturday the 14th and Sunday 15th of May, from 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm; and Ciurma, all’arrembaggio! (Get ‘em Crew!) Sunday the 15th at 11:00 am.

The Treasure Hunt is for children aged 6 to 13 years (with adults). It’s free but you need to enroll before the 12th of May (info at +393934417811, +393920508181 and +39070305771 or

Ciurma, all’arrembaggio! is a kind of show hosted in a ship, the Tirrenia’s Dimonios, by the harbour. It’s always free but enrollment is needed before the 11th of May (info at +393934417811, +393920508181 and +39070305771 or

Monumenti Aperti 2016: Cagliari Open Monuments, 5 places for families

The Cagliari Heritage Weekend is fully inclusive and admission is free for all. During these two days, you can really enjoy monuments, buildings, parks, museums, gardens that are normally closed to the public: a lot of them are pretty good for kids too!

The best 5 places to take the kids:

1 – The Botanic Garden
(in Italian: Orto botanico – in Sardinian: Sa butànica noa)
Where: Viale Sant’Ignazio da Laconi, n. 9/11 – Cagliari (see the map)
Why: to enjoy a big green area in the heart of the City and discover the Mediterranean flora. Kids can learn and play.
Info: Botanical Garden by Comune di Cagliari – Giardino Botanico official website

2 – The Regional Natural Park of Molentargius 
Where: Via La Palma – Cagliari (see the map)
Why: the name of this Regional Natural Park, in Sardinian, means “the donkey place” because they were so useful for transporting salt. But today you can watch flamingos and discover the natural life of animals and plants. Kids can really explore a quite interesting place by walking, biking or boating.
Info: Park of Molentargius by Comune di CagliariParco Molentargius Saline official website

3 – The Geological and Palaeontological Museum “Domenico Lovisato”
Where: Via Trentino, 51 – Cagliari (see the map)
Why: founded by Domenico Lovisato, the Museum offers amazing fossils found everywhere in Sardinia.
Info: Geomusei byUniversity of Cagliari

4 – The Municipal Gallery of Modern Art and Public Gardens
Where: Largo Giuseppe Dessì – Cagliari (see the map)
Why: Art and leisure in the same place. Kids can enjoy playing with trees and grottos outside the Gallery.
Info: Municipal Gallery of Modern Art by Comune di Cagliari Musei Civici official website

5 – The Opera House and Garden
Where: Via Sant’Alenixedda – Cagliari (see the map)
Why: The Opera House or Teatro Lirico (in italian) is a quite good place for children who love music. Outside there’s a new garden with a nice musical fountain.
Info: Teatro Lirico by Comune di CagliariTeatro Lirico official website

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