Summer Camps in Sardinia for Kids and Families

summer camps in sardinia

Summer Camps in Sardinia for Kids and Families

This summer you want to come in Sardinia with your kids and are looking a kind of good solutions for them. Well, Sardinia is a wonderful place to spend your holidays and offers a wide range of choices. Among these, you may find a quite number of Summer Camps everywhere in the island.

So, if you choose a Summer Camp in Sardinia, on the one hand, you and your kids can really enjoy the pleasure of a fully equipped and seabed beach (ideal for families) and the beauty of a clear sea. On the other hand, the children can have fun playing with other kids and doing some recreational or sport activities.

Let’s have a look!

Summer Camps in Sardinia – Summer Camps in Cagliari at Poetto beach

The Poetto beach is the main beach of Cagliari, the Sardinian capital located in the South of the island. The Poetto is about 9 Km long. The bathing establishments offers all the services you need: rental of umbrellas, chairs, boats and kayaks, as well as bars, restaurants and other facilities. A lot of them hosts Summer Camps for children and teens aged from 3 to 17 years. 

Among these, you may ask some information to:

New Campus estivo Isolarun Poetto – phone (+39) 3406567946

Summer Camp Family Beach – phone (+39) 3292459342 – email:

Summer Camp High Five – phone (+39) 3356897901 – email:

Baby Summer Camp – phone (+39) 3497240021 – email:

Campo Estivo Sporting Sardegna – phone (+39) 3495301676

Summer Camps in Sardinia – Surf Camp at Is Benas Surf Club (San Vero Milis – Oristano)

Maybe you don’t know but in Sardinia you can find the biggest waves of the Mediterranean. The West Coast is famous for this and if you want to learn your children how to ride a wave, well, just go to the beautiful Putzu Idu near Oristano. Here, kids (from 7 years) and parents can really enjoy the Surf Camp at Is Benas Surf Club, the most important surf school of the island.

The Is Benas Surf Camp and Resort is located in the middle of the Sinis Peninsula. In this area you may discover some of the most beautiful beaches of Sardinia, as Is Arutas or S’Arena Scoada. For more news about it just call the Is Benas Info Line at (+39) 07831925363.

Summer Camps in Sardinia – Summer Camps in Alghero

Alghero is a very well known place in Sardinia. Every ear hosts tourists from all over the world. Situated in the north of the island, offers everything you need for an amazing holiday. Talking about Camps, there is the Alghero Summer Camp where kids could enjoy sports and sea (info at +39 3479204197) or the famous Cavalluccio Marino Summer Camp (+39 3921699610 and with a lot of activities every day.

You may find more info in this article: Alghero with Kids: Summer Camps for children and tips for families

Summer Camps in Sardinia – Sail Camp at Marinella Beach

Situated in the famous Costa Smeralda, the Marinella beach is a splendid spot for families. Right there, the Buenaonda Surf School offers day camps or sailing, PAD and windsurfing lessons for both children and adults. Crystal clear water, white sand, and the green hills in the background contribute to creating an unforgettable scenery. To discover their programs for families call at (+39) 3358206172 or write an email to

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